Building Inspectors Melbourne are a Consultancy firm based in Melbourne that offers pool safety inspections and a Victorian legislative mandatory building inspections and due diligence services 137B Defects inspections and Report as well as swimming pool inspections, mandatory building inspections, bush-fire assessments and deliver performance solutions reports to clients in a timely and polite manner while adhering to industry-established standards, Thermal imaging Leak detection and Defects inspections of all kind.

We are professional inspectors, and are dedicated to providing our clients with exceed all minimum requirements set by governing bodies.

We are members with Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS), Victorian Building Authority (VBA), Building Surveyors and Inspectors Group (BSIG), and Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria (SPASAVIC);

we are highly committed to satisfying your demands in a way that gives you ease of mind, knowing that you have retained the best possible inspection service to help you with your inspection and due diligence requirements.

Director, IBRAHIM (Brian) KHADOUR is a registered building practitioner who has been in the building industry for over 20 years.

Building inspectors Melbourne will generally carry out a visual defect building inspection, depending on the size of the property. the inspections carried out all are compliant with the Australian standards as 4349. 1-2007 .

20 Years Experience conducted over 35,000 Inspections.

Our Qualifications includes:

  • Bachelor's of Engineering
  • Registered Building Inspector IN-L 40290
  • VBA Building Practitioner DB-U 29658
  • Commercial Builder CB-L 32199
  • Domestic Builder Unlimited DBU-29658
  • Registered and Licensed Inspector IN-L 32199
  • Diploma in Building Surveying
  • Diploma of Building & Constructions MBAV
  • Certificate iv in Occupational Health & Safety
  • Certified Pest Technician MBA
  • Member CPD Award 12 Point Category




A building inspection is essential for a number of key reasons, but where do we really add value?

We check for structural issues: Structural weaknesses can cause collapses that may injure a person, but there’s also the possibility that the structural issue will be nearly impossible to repair without major construction.

We budget for repairs: For renovations, inspections are a cost saver and a life saver. Through a building inspection you know exactly what needs to be done to bring the building up to where you’d like it to be. This is further information you can use to try and negotiate a lower price for the property.

We identify unsafe areas of a home: We identify any areas of the property that may be deemed unsafe, in particular, the presence of asbestos and other dangerous materials, missing or loose balustrades and cracks in walls. Uncovering such hazards gives you the opportunity to decide if you are willing to take on the cost of making the home safe.